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Disability - Good & Aids

Manual and powered wheelchairs, Rumps, Mobility scooters, Walkers and crutches, Lift chairs, etc.

Hearing devices, Telephone amplifiers, Special Headphones, Batteries, etc.

Healing glasses, Sunglasses, Lenses, Hands free, and table-based reading aids, etc.

Special tables beds and chairs, Handrails, Switches, Electric appliances, Furniture, etc.

Special bathes, toilets, and urinals, Bath lifts, Safety Handrails, Shower chairs, Cranes, etc.

Electronic monitors, Blood pressure control, Glucometers, Emergency calling systems, GPS tracker watches, etc.
Special clothing for all needs and seasons, Easy-to-wear clothing for children and aged persons.
Special games and toys for disabled children, Products for self-education for all ages, etc.