About Us - Disability ID Card

Disability ID card is the only non-profit and non-government international organization that helps millions of disabled people around the world to identify themself as disabled. Disability ID Card is the ONLY international organization in the world that put the value of helping the disabled to identify themself as such. Our organization is recognized as the only worldwide disability identification. We are not government-controlled as such we can bring to our members a smooth process for recognition. One of the hardest things for a disabled person is buying a disability aid. The process is not an easy one. It involves a lot such as speaking to a health professional about your issue and asking your friends and colleagues about recommendations or referrals. This means that you will have to do a lot of internet research to compare the different specifications.

Furthermore, your referrals and research may dissatisfy you. What if you feel dissatisfied with the options you have? What if the referrals and your research are misleading? What if you have made a simple mistake? All these are possibilities that may result in stress, many telephone calls, emails, and wasted time.

You can avoid all these by using our site. We have a team of highly-trained and qualified staff who will help you FOR FREE. This is not a service that we sell – through the process of mediation. Our team is composed of seasoned mediators who will work tirelessly on your behalf to resolve the outstanding issues between you and the suppliers of disability aids.

Our services are tailor-made to ensure that our clients get a satisfactory outcome in any mediation talks. At the end of the mediation, our team will leave you a happier person with your disability aid.

That is what we call “Service” and it is our motivation for starting this site. Our site is absolutely free.