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Disable ID Card - Be A Partner

For successful delivery of our services, we collaborate with strategic partners who can help us improve value for our services. We believe that opportunities exist for self-motivated people who want to be part of the group that provides transformative service delivery to the disabled.

Currently, our marketing team is making our site visible internationally. This brings forth the prospects of widening our partnership with different service providers for the disabled.   

What We Expect From Our Partners

We expect our partners to be people of proven integrity. Honesty and integrity are core values that drive the delivery of our services. We pride ourselves on these core values. Our clients are assured of great services only through honesty and integrity.

Benefits Of Our Partnership

There are high rewards for people seeking to collaborate with us. The expected income is very high. Furthermore, our partners will have few expenses for they can work from home. This feature makes our partnership flexible with our partners.

Our partners do not need to invest in anything. We are not seeking any form of investment from our partners for we are fully funded.

If you feel you are the right person to collaborate with us as a partner, kindly submit your personal details in form of a resume to our email: [email protected]